The Four C’s of a Relationship

The Four C’s Marketing Mix is a popular upgrade of the revered Four P’s model.The Four C’s/Four P’s overlay looks like this:Consumer – their wants and needs versus Product
Cost to consumer versus Price
Convenience to the buyer versus Place
Communication versus PromotionThe Four C’s Marketing Mix approach places greater focus on the consumer. Relationships are built on the basis of the buy-in of partners. The Four C’s of Relationships address common problems that affect even the most successful and stable relationships. Paying close attention to the Four C’s and applying the practical tips will improve your relationship and introduce higher levels of satisfaction for you and your partner.The Four C’s of Relationships are: Commitment, Conflict, Change, and Communication.While a direct relation to the Four C’s/Four P’s Marketing Mix is not intended, the Four C’s of Relationships reflect some of the principles on which the marketing models are developed.CommitmentCommitment in the Four C’s of Relationships framework reflects what the relationship offers to the partners. Couples commit to each other with the expectation that their hopes and aspirations will be fully supported in the relationship. The success of relationships is directly related to the extent to which the mutual commitment of the mates helps to fulfill the life goals of each other.Four C’s Commitment then is about identifying and supporting the search for meaning and fulfillment of your partner. You deepen your relationship when you commit to ensuring that your spouse or mate is able to discharge their perceived responsibilities.Four C’s Commitment embraces the thinking that by joining forces in this union with your partner your objectives and shared goals will be more easily achieved to the increased satisfaction of both of you. Many marriages and relationships fail because misplaced focus was placed on things that produce short term satisfaction.As the realities of life chip away as this surface enjoyment, partners start to consider more deeply their aspirations, life, goals, responsibilities and obligations. The relationship is challenged unless they can have the assurance that the union is improving their chances of achieving their objectives.It is important that you engage your partner in earnest dialogue about their unmet needs and aspirations and take care to provide the required support. Empowering your partner to fulfill their dreams is the single most important step to enjoying a long-lasting relationship.ConflictIf we extend the link to the Four C’s/Four P’s model, Conflict is the rough equivalent of the Cost to the consumer component of the marketing mix.Conflict is a feature of all relationships. Some conflict is actual beneficial to the relationship. At the same time, working to achieve your personal life goals while simultaneously ensuring that your partner’s aspirations are being fully supported is full of challenges. The situation gets even more complicated when children and in-laws are brought into the picture.Face up to the reality of conflict. Introduce healthy conflict in the relationship as a means of inspiring the union to achieve excellence. Prodding your spouse to get up for an exercise routine despite their angry resistance is an example of healthy conflict. Being willing to endure heated arguments so as resolve issues related to the family budget or how to discipline the children is a value-adding conflict.Negative conflicts are also a feature of relationships. Couples have disagreements on many issues. Some fuss and fight over insignificant matters. Being able to work through negative conflicts and unhealthy disputes is part of the price you pay for enjoying a lasting relationship.The best advice that you can take on the issue of resolving conflicts is to avoid them in the first place. The secret to doing that is simply to let some things go…even when you are right. Take the stance that some things are not worth fussing about and choose instead to embrace peace, calm and good spiritedness.ChangeChange is the relationship Four C’s equivalent of Marketing’s Convenience to the buyer.The failure to anticipate change and the inability to reflect desired change are among the major causes of broken hearts, dashed hopes, ruined dreams and damaged relationships.People change as they age and their circumstances are altered. New jobs, new interests, new friends, exposure to new ideas, advent of children, family developments all cause us to change our perspectives. Moving from dating to crossing the threshold is by itself a major game changer.If you fail to give this fact of change adequate attention you will be putting your relationship at risk. In addition, to enjoy marital bliss you have to respond appropriately to the changes that your partner is experiencing. If you work to modify your behaviour to accommodate changing circumstances that impact the relationship you will be blessed with joy and happiness.Constantly anticipating the need for change and having the discipline to modify your behaviour is one of the secrets of maintaining healthy relationships.CommunicationThe Four C’s approach to the Marketing Mix, introduces the need for give and take between seller and buyer as against the uni-directional communication that is usually conveyed by Promotion.This idea of a two-way exchange is the essence of the Communication component of the Four C’s of Relationships Framework. Effective and purpose-driven communication is central to happy and fulfilling relationships.Appropriate communication can cover over a multitude of problems. If you make yourself available to openly and honestly discuss any and all issues with your partner you will have a get out of jail card in your hand.Work to create a climate in which both of you feel comfortable talking about potentially touchy subjects. Discuss issues even if they might produce tension and conflict. Fear of conflict is a damper in many relationships.Pay attention to the Four C’s of Relationships and enjoy fulfilment in your relations with your spouse or mate.

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